Logo Refresher of one of my favorite Atlanta landmarks, The Plaza Theatre

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Typography & Print

After graduation (May 2012), I researched job opportunities in both industry and academia, not entirely convinced of one direction over another. I felt that both directions have the potential to lead to a perfect fit.

During this state of purgatory, I came across a job posting for Scoutmob, a business that focuses on the development of local business. (At the time, I was still living in Atlanta.) According to their website, “We dig up the very best of local creators and experiences, supplying ways for you to connect to the things (and people) that make our cities so dang awesome.”

My design work and artwork stems around this very idea. Community.

I wrote to Scoutmob.

“I am personally invested in the mission of improving my community and I love that Scoutmob has similar goals to support local (awesome) business. I have lived in Atlanta for 13 years. I am more than just a designer… I am a teacher, writer, and artist. I have worked in marketing at a small agency and wore many hats. My freelance adventures focus on the growth of local business. My teaching experiences engage youth and inspire new creativity. My artwork recontextualizes abandoned spaces in community by raising awareness and initiating change in urban landscape. Community is everything.”

Scoutmob seemed interested.

They proposed a challenge: In 24 hours, refresh the logo of one of your favorite establishments in Atlanta, Ga.

I chose The Plaza Theatre, the oldest operating cinema in Atlanta, GA.


The Result. 

The design takes cues from the existing signage of the theatre.
Some other imagery of inspiration includes the film real and the movie ticket.


[ Design credit: Cat Normoyle, Final Logo submitted to Scoutmob Atlanta ]

Why did I post this?

This teeny-tiny mini project is a gem I forgot about until just a few days ago when I ran across this work digging through old files. I wanted to share it with you. That’s all.

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