Top 10 Learning Experiences from graduate school, GSU [Fall 2010]

GSUAs the fall semester at Georgia State comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the months that have past. It always seems like during the semester, you are constantly thinking when will this be over, but the truth is, school is filled with fantastic project work and exciting learning experiences.

Sixteen weeks of high intensity learning and teaching can be pretty intense but overall, it has been a great semester.

Top 10 learning experiences

  1. The library is a great resource for students and teachers. Make friends with your librarian and start your research early.
  2. Thesis writing is challenging. I’m exploring the use of guerrilla advertising in order to promote a cause or message. It continues to evolve.
  3. Teaching is challenging. I taught my first design course at GSU, Intro to Graphic Design. I am continuing to teach next spring.
  4. Digital media design is fun. I struggled through another animation/video project this semester. I had every technical issue in the book… but I made it happen!
  5. Learn from your students and keep an open mind. Students ask every question you can think of and are testing your knowledge all the time. They make you accountable for what you say and do… and they should.
  6. Try not to over commit yourself on projects. Sometimes it is OK to say no to a new project if it will distract you from your school commitments.
  7. Working with your hands is very therapeutic. Draw your ideas. Put the computer down.
  8. Try to balance your work load so that you do not get burned out with singular tasks and you work as efficiently as possible. If you prefer writing in the morning, drawing/ conceptualizing in the afternoon and reading at night, split up your course work and jump from task to task. It works better for me.
  9. If you don’t like reading and writing, be weary of going back to school for a graduate degree. The M.F.A. program requires a lot of reading and writing. This semester was particularly intense (more than likely circumstantial) but you never know what courses and professors will align that will require more reading and writing.
  10. Always appreciate the good cry session that happens about 3/4ths into the semester. It’s never as bad as you think and you always feel good after the fact!

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