Ruby Zielinski

The Intersections of Typography, part 2

The second annual exhibition of the Intersections of Typography opened at Memphis College of Art in January. Students across many disciplines showcased work that highlighted typography as art form in 2D, 3D, analog and digital formats. The exhibition ran until February 2016 in the Lower Gallery […]

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Crosswalks in the Park: Civic-Minded Improvements

After city regulations halted the Art Crosswalks project in conjunction with Downtown Memphis Commission, students at MCA executed their designs in Overton Park. This project crosses the boundaries between artistic interventions, broadly defined as public art that encourages moments of pause, contemplation, even participation and play […]

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Creative Placemaking

Schneekloth and Shibley, authors of Placemaking: The Art and Practice of Building Communities (1995), discuss a transformation in the field of placemaking in the late 20th century that shifts from isolated community development methods to community-inclusive design methods that incorporate the roles of citizens with the […]

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The Revival of the Chelsea Flood Wall

As a sort of citizen-driven placemaking endeavor, this example of artistic intervention serves as a catalyst for greater change in the under-served area of N.Evergreen and Chelsea. The design, inspired by the post-industrial aspects of the site and fused with concepts of geometry and optical art, provides […]

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