A strong understanding of the design process is integral for generating unique ideas and implementing engaging, creative, and functional solutions. Making is part of this process and is a powerful tool for thinking and learning about the issues and themes of a project, the people at stake, as well as the final work that might come out of a project. Learning and understanding the design process helps us to generate and explore ideas, test our own assumptions, craft artifacts, and implement any array of design solutions.

One-a-day Challenge to Create Generative Art with Processing

Over the holiday break, I was introduced to a new form of digital making called generative art. Also referred to as algorithmic art or computer art, this type of work produces visual art in a digital format through a programming language called Processing and can be interactive, animated, or static. Generative art is a practice where the artist…

Elements of Typography on the Letterpress

My focus for this class was to experiment with expressive typography, working with methods of repetition, pattern and reflection using letterforms from the typeface Bodoni.

Process-driven work can be tactical and experimental in its conception, striving to challenge design systems or explore and research design possibilities. Process-driven work can also be strategic in its application and consider careful planning and procedures for reaching design objectives.

Student Work, Memphis College of Art