Process & Making

A strong understanding of the design process is integral for generating unique ideas and implementing engaging, creative, and functional solutions. Making is part of this process and is a powerful tool for thinking and learning about the issues and themes of a project, the people at stake, as well as the final work that might come out of a project. Learning and understanding the design process helps us to generate and explore ideas, test our own assumptions, craft artifacts, and implement any array of design solutions.

One-a-day Challenge to Create Generative Art with Processing

Over the holiday break, I was introduced to a new form of digital making called generative art. Also referred to as algorithmic art or computer art, this type of work produces visual art in a digital format through a programming language called Processing and can be interactive, animated, or static. Generative art is a practice where the artist…

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Process-driven work can be tactical and experimental in its conception, striving to challenge design systems or explore and research design possibilities. Process-driven work can also be strategic in its application and consider careful planning and procedures for reaching design objectives.

Student Work, Memphis College of Art