Designing an interactive type specimen poster: An explorative hands-on process to determine form, space, and interaction.

With the uncertainty of available resources for teaching and learning online this semester, we introduced a new assignment in the graphic design survey course that shifted focus from a large-format print poster to an interactive, time-based poster. This project shifted focus from print production processes and large-format craft to digital craftsmanship and an introduction to interaction in digital environments.

Upon completion, students worked through an analog prototyping exercise to develop their ideas for a time-based, interactive solution for the type specimen poster and finalized designs using Adobe XD. The interactive poster was meant to look and feel just like the print poster but also include additional information about the typeface such as historical content and designer information.

Below is an introductory instructional video created for students to begin the process of prototyping their ideas for the interactive poster. Students were asked to work by hand to craft an analog prototype that visualized the design, layout, and interactive features of the poster. After completing the analog prototype, students then moved into Adobe XD to prototype the final work.

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