Typequads is a Student Project Focused on Typographic Exploration of 2D Composition & Motion

Typequads is a sophomore-level, introductory graphic design assignment that design faculty at ECU introduce to students in ART 2200 Graphic Design Survey. This project challenges students to work with typography and 2-dimensional space with special attention on positive and negative space relationships and letterform anatomy. Students created typographic compositions working with classic fonts such as Bodoni, Garamond, and Franklin Gothic.

In the shift to online teaching, we transitioned some of the learning outcomes away from a focus on final printed artifacts. Students completed three typographic 2D compositions in Illustrator and then chose one composition to realize in motion. This resulted in a revised final assignment that introduced students to motion via a simple frame-by-frame animation process with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Students completed this work in Fall 2020 in the School of Art & Design, ECU. Designers include:

Hannah Mace
Chelsea Pritchard
William Endicott
Viv Maynard
Mady Barringer
Linsdsey Mumpower
Annika Chhabra
Andrea Cheek
Maddy Backes
Abigail McCorkle
Maryjoe Cortesrosa

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