Book References for Beginner Typography Students: Brush up on your type anatomy, classifications, and type setting

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Teaching & Student Work

Learning about typography is not as simple as one might think. It is essential for students to begin by learning about the origin and development of the alphabet to better understand its use in today’s environment. Also, learning basics, regarding vocabulary and standard applications for text and type, will help any designer improve their ability to successfully implement type in designs. In fact, I would go as far to say even the most experienced designers can improve their talents by re-visiting these basic typographical concepts.

Recommended reading list that I would suggest for anyone getting started with the basics of typography are:

Designing with Type by James Craig

Thinking with Type by Ellen Luptin

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst

Some objectives you can expect to learn as a beginner are:

  1. Gain an understanding of type as an element of design.
  2. Explore cultural and historical forces that shape contemporary typography.
  3. Develop a type vocabulary and general typographic skills within various software applications
  4. Discover how typography affects communication, in terms of legibility and semantics.
  5. Demonstrate typographic understanding of grids and multiple page layouts.

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