Designing Weddings: A Case Study in Identity

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Typography & Print

Designing the identity of a wedding is not unlike designing identity for any brand, product or service.

You begin with research and determine the core values and spirit of your event. In our case, we established that our wedding would embody a fun and youthful destination wedding in New Orleans fit with all the ambiance of southern and french music, cuisine, tradition and culture. 

Creating identity requires a good understanding of the vision you wish to convey. As I began to dive into creative, I thought about a mark that would identify “us”. I also began to establish color schemes, typography and materials to capture the essence of our core values.

Print Collateral and Specialty Items
The images below showcase some of the touchpoints created for the wedding.

Wedding Photo-Montage (photo credit: Mathew Foster Photography)
Ceremony + Reception Hall: Rosy’s Jazz Hall
Brass Band: The Jazzmen Band
Flowers: Etsy
** The coasters, stickers and DIY centerpieces are all original pieces, created by me. For more details on how they were produced and / or materials list, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below **

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