Silkscreen Lunar Calendars for sale on Etsy

Some colleagues and I thought it would be fun to create calendar designs for 2014. My design is a lunar calendar that diagrams the Earth and Moon’s orbit around the Sun.

Design Description

This lunar calendar diagrams the location and phases of the moon as it orbits the Earth and in conjunction, orbits the Sun in the year 2014. The plotting system is determined by days; starting on day 1 of 2014 and ending on day 365 of 2014. As the Earth rotates around the Sun each day, the moon rotates around the Earth, thus visualizing the phases of the Moon that we see here on Earth; New Moon (no sun reflection on the Moon), First Quarter (1/2 sun reflection on the Moon), Full Moon (whole sun reflection on the Moon), Third Quarter (1/2 sun reflection)

To purchase this design and others, visit Etsy.

For my friends and family, I produced some prints of my own with the great silkscreeners based out of Nashville TN, Grand Palace Silkscreamers.

Below are images photographed by Drew, from Grand Palace.


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