Graphic Design as a Powerful Tool: Teaching Students how to Assess Social Impact in Design

As part of the RGD (The Association of Registered Graphic Designers) 2021 Design Educators Conference – Webinar Series, I presented research on teaching social impact assessment to undergraduate students in graphic design disciplines.

I believe graphic designers, visual designers, UI/UX designers and other specialized types of communication designers, have a responsibility to recognize the potential impact their design work has on the world around them.

As an educator, I believe teaching students how to assess design work in terms of impact goals and outcomes through objective data collection methods shows students just how powerful and effective design can be in shifting behaviors and attitudes of people and empowers them to take action and have voice in their communities.

I also believe that teaching students how to assess work (for any outcome) empowers them to be active learners in their educational experiences.

My presentation entitled “Graphic Design and Visual Communication: A Powerful Tool was part of the “Empower” track, held April 9, 2021. In response to COVID, RGD planned the 5th Design Educators Conference as a virtual Webinar Series format that ran from January – April 2021.

To see the published abstract, click here.

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