Teaching Assistant at Georgia State University

As my first blog post, I’d like to update you all with current events! Right now, my world revolves around academics, thesis, and freelance after about one year ago, when I left my agency, Trend Influence, to go to graduate school at Georgia State University.

Currently, I’m taking one class which is a nice change of pace from full-time status. I’m learning about the History of Interior design dating back to Colonial America. We are studying furnishings, decor, interiors, and architecture. Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting some beautiful homes in Marietta, one of which is the Root House Museum.

> To read about this field trip, click here

I’m also a teaching assistant this semester with associate professor, Stan Anderson. This is one of the learning methodologies that Georgia State employs for their graduate students to prepare for teaching university level courses. This summer, I am a assisting a Drawing 1 class and next fall, I’ll be teaching Intro to Graphic Design.

To view our class blog, click here. Our class blog acted as the digital classroom where the students and teachers share research, assignments, and documentation of work. At the end of the semester, the blog becomes a wonderful archive of the entire experience!


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