Seven Day Plastic Challenge Educates Consumers on the Over-Consumption of Reusable Plastics

Greenplate is a non-profit organization “seeking to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. GreenPlate uses funding to educate consumers and restaurateurs so they might change buying and usage habits.”

To find out more about the organization, check out their website.

The Seven-Day Plastic Challenge is a fun way to learn about the prevalence of disposable plastic in our society and steps we can take to reduce our use. The event hopes to educate people on how to limit their use of plastic through change in habits. Plastic is designed to be used repeatedly and not for just one-time.

Some steps to reduce your everyday consumption include:

  1. avoid straws!
  2. avoid plastic (one-time use) drink bottles!
  3. avoid plastic bags… use reusable bags at the grocery store!
  4. change the “to go” habits… don’t take the Styrofoam cups and plates.
  5. at the supermarket… don’t buy products that are packaged over and over again.
  6. in your house, don’t buy disposables.
  7. recycle!



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  1. Great blog! Yes, I’m working with Greenplate designing some cool stuff for the Jack Johnson event happening in August (7 day challenge) and therefore have been learning about this epidemic in my research. It’s eye opening! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

  2. polythenepam

    hi I have been boycotting plastic for years now and have loads of plastic free alternatives to crappy plastic products – sadly no logos – check out the plastic free a to z at Thanks for the greenplate link x pam

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