The Importance of Company Branding and Market Communication

Let’s talk branding and design. I wrote a blog last year that came up in my thoughts this week as I worked through some design problems with logo development.

The Advantage of an Established Corporate Identity in Business Development During a Recession

Corporate Identity can be defined as the “persona” of a company, designed to communicate and facilitate business objectives. It portrays a common ownership of business philosophy and culture that alludes to a company’s internal workings as well as public perception. We can often see these values in branding—most tangibly noticed through logos, typeface, color palettes and supporting assets assembled within creative guidelines. However, a well-developed identity system becomes most profound when it reaches a sophistication that endorses trust and reliability. It should communicate ideals that are forward-thinking and adaptable by developing a strong foundation that can anticipate new trends in market and evolve seamlessly with change.

Recessions, more often than not, unkindly point out corporations (both small and large) that are incapable of adapting quickly and comfortably to evolving market climates. A refined identity system can be the best business development tool your company can develop. If established appropriately it should nurture the methods and philosophies of the company through corporate design (logos, colors, etc – most static of the three components, however flexible), corporate communication (ads, PR, collateral – should be anticipating and evolving with time), and corporate behavior (internal values, lifestyle, and culture – should continue to mature with time). Most importantly, a company’s identity should create assurance with individuals that is functionally beneficial as well as emotionally rewarding.

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