Building Websites with Weebly

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Building websites with weebly is easy and fun with its completely customizable platform and user-friendly interface. The service is free to sign up and offers many great features like blogging, search engine tagging, and CSS editing. What makes weebly so special is its ability to edit HTML in addition to the CSS stylesheet as well as its amazing interface… not only for the end-user in managing website content but also the “dreamweaver-like” interface for designing skins.

The content manager is based on a simple “drag and drop” functionality. The top toolbar consists of different elements that can be dropped into content pages as needed. Elements include paragraphs, titles, and images as well as multimedia assets like video, slideshows, and embedded documents. There are also forms included in the elements sections for contact information or surveys as well as games. For the advanced content manager, there is an HTML element for coding directly into the page.

In my experience with the application thus far, I have personalized a weebly theme to show my website design  for client, Clarity Medical Consulting. The site will go live mid-August.

If you choose to build your website with weebly, share your experiences with me in the comments section below. I’m also very interested in using wordpress for site development and would love to hear stories on that experience as well.



Below are some images of the weebly interface.

One thought on “Building Websites with Weebly”

  1. Kelly says:

    Is it just me or are all weebly websites down right now? Mine is displaying “website not published,” and when I tried to log, could not; nor could I retrieve my password because I got another error message saying my email address was not in their database. Late last night I googles “weebly websites down august 1” and saw at least two postings somewhere thatvthe whole site is down till August 10. This morning I can’t find anything on that.

    Really puzzled.


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