Designers and Dancers Collaborate to combine Motion Graphics with Live Performance

This project was a collaboration between the graphic design area in the School of Art and design, ECU and the dance department from the School of Theatre and Dance, ECU during the fall 2020 semester.

Students partnered together across design and dance to interpret, respond to, and visualize the same piece of music, but through different media. Design students created motion graphic videos while dance students choreographed contemporary live performances.

In the graphic design area, students focused on learning the principles of motion design, and working with effects and processes related to time-based digital media to develop storyboards and produce final work with industry-standard software, Aftereffects. They payed close attention to how form, color, contrast, space, movement, and sound worked together both technically and conceptually to convey an idea or concept.

Both design students and dance students came together to find a common vision and concept for their work before beginning concept development phases. As they worked together over the semester, they were asked to check in with one another to stay connected with vision and concept development.

In the end, students were asked to imagine how the motion graphics and choreography might co-exist in a performance space or other integrated environment.

Above is a video compilation of student work from this project. This work is also featured in ART CAST episode 2 published here. Students featured in this video include:

Kierah Anderson
Adriana Cadorniga
Madeline Douglas
Taylor Dukeman
Ty Huff
Myiah Nueman
Catherine Pore
Natalie Pray
Tiana Robinson
Hannah Stevens
Victoria Wright

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