The project began as a collaborative and interdisciplinary pursuit to build community and connection through the production and dissemination of creative work that highlighted the talents of creative people during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

The project attempted to investigate how art, design, music, theatre, dance, and other creative endeavors reflected our current times and moved our disciplines forward both independently and collectively. It explored how creative work has shifted, either through alternative processes and/or unexpected outcomes with shifting narratives.

ART CAST published multiple episodes over the course of the year that featured creatives across many disciplines that supported and encouraged collaboration in these times of isolation, and engaged our friends, partners, and audiences in unique, interesting, and unexpected ways.

The most recent episode features many artists, designers, musicians, and dancers from across the College of Fine Arts + Communication @ East Carolina University and beyond. To see the full listing of featured artists, click here.

Please check out the most recent episode, episode 2 of ART CAST.

For more information about this project, visit the ART CAST website:

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