Interactive & Motion Teaching & Student Work

A New Motion Design Project with Graphic Design Seniors at ECU

This semester, the graphic design seniors at ECU were introduced to graphic design principles in motion and storytelling. Students were challenged to consider the element of time in their work effectively to communicate a message or idea.

We surveyed a lot of sample work on Vimeo from historical to contemporary examples. To view our Vimeo showcase for this project, click here:

In this project, students worked with abstract vector graphics and/or letterforms to design a 30-second motion piece with music using time and space as design elements. Student work was completed fall semester 2019 in Senior studio. Students learned and applied principles of motion, and worked with effects and processes related to time-based digital media to develop storyboards and produce final outcomes with Aftereffects.

Sunrise by Steven Gordillo

Stranger by Lexi Malpass

Roller Coaster by Isabelle Gallagher

Teaching & Student Work

Classes begin this week at GSU

Introduction to Typography will introduce concepts, principles and techniques unique to the language and profession of visual communication. We will examine the anatomy of letterforms extensively and begin to understand how to use classic typefaces in an expressive manner. After thorough investigation of letterform and words, we will begin to analyze layout design using grid application. You will combine display type, text type, grid knowledge, and images to design a final brochure print piece.

If you are interested in following along with our progress this semester, follow our blog.

Below are some past student work.

designed by Daniel Weathersby

designed by Akeem Mason

designed by Allie Hepburn

designed by Simmeyon Strickland

designed by Jessica Ongko

designed by Daniel Weathersby

designed by Simmeyon Strickland, Kristen Head, and Paul Cooper

designed by Daniel Weathersby, Akeem Mason, and Stefanie Junca

designed by Simmeyon Strickland

designed by Deonta Wheeler

designed by Tanjina Islam